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    The international jury of the 2o. international theatre festival Istropolitana Project 2014 has presented the following awards:

    • The Award for Best Actress: Barbora Andrešičová (Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia)
    • Runner-ups: Ana Urbanc (Slovenia) and Kerstin Konig (Germany)
    • The Award for Best Actor: Philip Noack (Hans Otto Institute of Acting Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy University of Music and Theatre, Leipzig, Germany)
    • Runner-ups: Stane Tomazin (Slovenia) and Richard Autner (Slovakia)
    • The Award for Outstanding Theatrical Achievement: Eugene Ionesco: Chairs! (Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, Lublyana, Slovenia)
    • Grand Prix: Andrej Strzelecki: The Film (The Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy, Warsaw, Poland)
    • Award of the Jury: James Saunders: Talk to Me (Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia)

    The student jury has presented following Awards

    • The Award for Best Costume: Petra Řežabková and Adrijana Trpković (DAMU, Prague, Czech Republic)
    • Runner-up: Bernd Schneider (Germany)
    • The Award for Best Stage Design: Barbora Konečná  (JAMU, Brno, Czech Republic)
    • Runner-up: Sarah Lerch and Rosario Iraldo (Switzerland)
    • The Award for Best Director: Juraj Augustín  (JAMU, Brno, Czech Republic)
    • Runner-ups: Anastasia Chintzoglou (Greece) and Sarah Lerch (Switzerland)
    • The Award for the Craziest Performance: Blocage (Dimitri Theatre School, Switzerland)
    • Runner-ups: “And… A Lovely Day” (Croatia), ”De Musica” (Greece) and “Shakespeare 007″ (Hungary)
    • The Award for Best Performance: And… A Lovely Day (University in Rijeka, Croatia)
    • Runner-ups: “The Film” (Poland), “De Musica” (Greece) a “The Resort” (Czech republic)

    The Audience Award: The Film (The Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy, Warsaw, Poland)

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    Students of Department of Theatre Management will manage again this year´s anniversary international festival of theatre school. The festival team is intensively working on individual tasks.

    The marketing team creates advertising campaign, communicates with media partners and works on comfortable systems of selling the tickets via internet. Office team will occupy small house between the buildings of Music and Dance Faculty and The Theatre Faculty. The members of team work on making the area pleasant and create there nice atmosphere for participants and students. They look for accommodation possibilities and provide the recruitment of volunteers. Technical team completes the technical ground from five theatre areas, which will be the scene of this year´s festival. Programme team works on innovated conception of VSMU Stage and on the content of accompanying programme. Fundraising Team, thanks to which you can support us, prepares new crowdfunding video, which is a novelty.

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