Team Volunteers consists of two lovely girls: Hanka and Evka. They will take care of nice people who will be helping us during  Istropolitana Project. These nice people will do it for a smile or just a word thank you. Hanka and Eva will try to ensure the sufficient amount of helpers who are the biggest need for the festival.

They are searching for the extroverts with foreign languages skills who will with love guide participants. They also need strong individuals who will be helping on VŠMU stage. If you feel like your mathematical skills are perfect you can became our cashier. You can also be a helper in entrance in the theatres. And finally they are searching for gastronomical expert who will assist during discussions.

Do you want to know little more about teamleaders? Hanka (left) has the arachnofobia (you don’t know what is it? Find out!). People say about her that she is cynic, but she just doesn’t care. She doesn’t take life too seriously while white wine and magnesium help her. Her motto is: I can do whatever i set my mind on. But first little nap. Just for a while. Evka is proud native from Nitra. She is a scout and has a dog. She is very patient in selecting caraway seeds from bread because she hate it. Motto of Evka is: What is not eaten yet, will be eaten soon. 


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