We are international!

We are really happy that not only festival but also the team of organizers is international. Let us introduce you the important part of Istropolitana Project team: Michelle and Joey.

Michelle WK Cheung (right) is currently working as a freelance designer and art projects coordinator, and at the same time pursuing her master degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Cultural Management. She holds a bachelor degree from the University of the Arts London, Wimbledon College of Art in Theatre Design and has worked on various theatre productions in London and in Hong Kong. This is her first time in Slovakia and she is working on the New Drama Festival 2018 and the Istroplitana Project during her stay. She is looking forward and wishes to know more about the theatre and arts scene in Slovakia.

Joey Chung Yuk Yu (left) comes from Hong Kong, studying Master of Arts in Cultural Management at Chinese University of Hong Kong. She came to Bratislava for her internship. She received her Bachelor Degree in Cultural Studies from Lingnan University. She has been working in art and cultural fields, with various job positions covered from frontline to management positions in both small-scale organizations and large-scale institutions, to organize and implement workshops, exhibitions, performances and festivals with different art forms located indoors and outdoors for people with different ages, genders, sexualities, races, disabilities and classes. She stayed and lived in Australia and Germany. She likes learning and experiencing local life and culture during travelling. Art for her means to connect people throughout telling stories.


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