Istropolitana Project ’18 is over

Finally we have recover and now we can be simply happy about such a big theatre event that have happened.

During Istropolitana we saw the total of 16 main programme performances and 3 non-competitive performances that sum up to 1055 minutes, which is the same as 18 hours of pure performance time. We handed over 13 prizes by the main and student jury, the festival took place at 6 different locations, we printed 950 tickets, we counted more than 900 entries to the afterparties. More than 210 litres of the cider and 1200 coffees were drank. We drove more than 2 000 km in our cars, more than 39 people came to help us, we gained 310 more Facebook fans on our FB page. We shared 30 posts with the reach of 71 542 people. Our videospots were seen 33 000 times after our performance. We also got 344 new followers on Instagram, the food delivering company must have reached a record. There were two injuries, two fines and countless nice moments, experiences and memories. (source: Denis Farkaš). Do you want to know more about festival and remember nice memories? Find out more in our festival’s journal FESTNÍK:

See you in two years dear friends <3


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