17:00 Štúdio SND - Slovenia – Collective of authors:  At Least I Do Not Have To Kiss

School: Academy of theatre, radio, film and television

Inscenation team

Director: Dorian Šilec Petek

Music: Laren Polič Zdravič

Scene: Dorian Šilec Petek

Costumes: Tina Bonča

Light design: Dorian Šilec Petek

Cast: Lea Cok, Mario Dragojevič, Urša Kavačič, Urban Kuntarič, Živa Selan, Eva Stražar, Dominik Vodopivec, Matej Zemljič

At Least I Do Not Have To Kiss tells a story of people unable to grasp the constant proximity of death as well as some of the traditional notions of life beyond death. Religion and with it heaven and hell are staged not as beliefs but as experiments, as empty structural places; settings, illusions. Increasingly it leaves behind traditional storytelling, characters and a realistic way of staging, exchanging them for feelings, atmospheres and fragments of thoughts. This results in a theatre piece not focused on story, word or performer’s singularity, but rather on the collective – a chorus being reborn in to an ensemble – how does the collective thought/impulse embody a fantasy.

Through the process of staging the piece the creative ensemble included text and scenes from different authors including an excerpt from Ionesco’s essay writings, various approaches to improvisations, raging from realism through Punch and Judy to formalism, stories from their personal experiences etc. Resulting with most of the text in the final piece completely authorial and reduced to the absolutely necessary thus making it relevant and unique to the group of authors as it doesn’t take a structurally hierarchical position but rather stays in the register of language intertwined with symbols, emotions, images and sounds. The performance does not function as a metaphor but rather as an poetic image – not showing a structure to be read but rather offering something very theatrical.

 20:00 Divadlo Aréna – Poland – Peter Weiss: Marat/Sade

School: Akademia Teatralna im. Aleksandra Zelwerowicza w Warszawie/ The Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw

Inscenation team

Director: Wawrzyniec Kostrzewski

Dramaturgy: Wawrzyniec Kostrzewski

Music: Mateusz Wachowiak

Scene: Ewa Gdowiok

Costumes: Ewa Gdowiok

Light design: Wojciech Suleżycki

Cast: Hanna Skarga, Agata Różycka, Zofia Domalik, Dawid Ściupidro, Karolina Charkiewicz, Marcin Stępniak, Sofia Mietielica, Maciej Babicz, Michał Klawiter, Volodymyr Makovskyi

In the 1960s, the play Marat / Sade talked about crazy people, who shout slogans that reflect the true picture of the world. Sharp political and social diagnoses safely hide within three frameworks: the French Revolution, the insane facility and theater in the theater. Today, crazy people are unneeded. Rational words, expressed by characters taken out of our time, become an image of madness in a seemingly healthy reality. The madness of normality reaches a scale that is not even found in a psychiatric institution.


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