14:00 Kaplnka – Germany – Anne Brussauová: In my Room

School: Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart, Abteilung Figurentheater

Inscenation team

Director : Anne Brüssau

Dramaturgy: Anne Brüssau

Music: Philip Riediger

Scene:Léo Lévy- Laheunesse

Costumes:Anne Brüssau

Light design:Léo Lévy- Lajeunesse

Choreography:Anne Brüssau

Cast:Anne Brüssau

Inspired by the phenomena of Hikkikomori in Japan, the piece tells the story of a person that distances itself from society.

A person locked itself in its room. Days come and go. The environment starts to blur more and more, vanishes into background and the person creates its own reality. A relationship between the person and the lightning bulb starts to grow, until even this subtle feeling of company is cut off and everything seems to be pointless. Inside the darkest darkness there is a point of recognition, a point of lost humour, the turning point. The person starts to peels of its skin as an final act of separating from itself. Aler this transformation its possible for the person to leave the room.
At the end of the piece the audience is left back inside a really bright and empty room, confronted with its own reality.

17:00 Divadlo Lab – Czech republic – Ingmar Bergman: Cries and Whispers

School: Academy of Performing Arts in Prague – Theatre Faculty

Inscenation team

Director: Norbert Závodský

Dramaturgy: Kateřina Slezáková

Music: Aid Kid

Scene: Martin Šimek

Costumes: Alena Dziarnovich

Light design: Šimon Kočí

Cast: Magdalena Kuntová, Denisa Barešová, Jindřiška Dudziaková, Anna Peřinová, Vojtěch Vodochodský, David Kozák, Vladimír Pokorný, David Krchňavý

Four women. Three sister and a maid. Almost contradictory characters. Still they are connected by the immediately experienced present. One of the sisters is dying and so each of the women is forced to face their own past again. Time is getting increasingly relative. The constant presence of death and loneliness enters their dreams and visions, only to awaken painful memories. With these comes a deep realization of their own limitations, guilt, shame, disgust, but also desire.

The current treatment of Ingmar Bergman’s film novel interconnects delicate portrayals of sorrow, solitude and deep longing with dramatic situations in which the sisters define and try to resolve their dysfunctional relationships.

 20:00 Štúdio SND – Israel – Hanoch Levin: The Lost Women of Troy

Inscenation team

Director: Ealeal Semel

Dramaturgy: Ealeal Semel

Music: Nizan Lotem

Scene: Noa Etgar

Costumes: Noa Etgar

Light design: Rafi Ovadia

Cast: Anan Abu-Jaber, Yonatan Beck, Carlos Gharzuzi, Hadar Gabay, Shiri Lotan, Yarin Perry

A brilliant adaptation of Euripides tragedy “The Trojan Women” by Israel’s greatest playwright, Hanoch Levin, directed by Yair Sherman, winner of this year’s Golden Hedgehog Award for best director.

The Trojan War, history’s greatest epos in, began with the kidnapping of Helena, the most beautiful of all women from the Greeks, and ends with the conquest of Troy. On this fateful day, the women of Troy try to save themselves and their children from the cruel fate of death and slavery, and confront the winning side in a moral dilemma. A play about war, envy and the power of women. For his sobering work that considers the effects of sexual violence on both victors and their victims, Levin adapted two Greek tragedies, Hecuba and The Trojan Women, creating a single text. In his adaptation, Levin strips the veneer from the great heroes of the Trojan War, portraying them as petty bullies, lilthy and stinking after ten years of pointless battle. Eventually, the madness of their violence infects even the women, for when driven hard enough, anyone will succumb to the urge to ”do the needful” to preserve her own body and family.


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