14:00 Divadlo Lab – Germany – Maxim Gorkij: The Lower Depth

School: Hochschule für Musik und Theater „Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy“, Schauspielinstitut „Hans Otto“ / University of Music and Theatre „Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy“ Leipzig, Institute of Acting „Hans Otto“

Director: Martina Eitner- Acheampong

Dramaturgy: Sophie Scherer

Music: Manuel Thielen

Scene: Katrin Witing

Costumes: Valerie Hirschamann

Cast: Noemi Krausz, Edda Maria Wiersch, Ali Aykar, Manuel Thielen, Malick Bauer, Amelie Kriss-Heinrich, Paul Sies, Tristan Steeg

In a Russian provincial town, Mikhail and his wife Wassilissa rent out a shabby basement room to homeless people. The protagonists keep themselves afloat with lowly activities – stranded in a criminal milieu, they are forced to sell their belongings, prostitute themselves, or no longer pursue any kind of activity at all. Violence, strife and alcoholism characterise the existence of these people, who are crammed together in a confined space in search of a place in the world. Hopelessness and misery render them unable to carry out any form of rebellion against the circumstances in which they find themselves. And so they have only their dreams of an imaginary or real life, either in the past or in the future.

Gorkij wrote his drama in the expectation that things would improve. Against the background of current social conditions all over the world, his pessimism and the search for a positive vision remain highly topical today.

17:00 Štúdio SND – Russia – based on Old Greek mytology: Minotaurum

School: Российский государственный институт сценических искусств/ Russian State Institute of Performing Arts

Inscenation team

Director: Denis Kazachuk

Music: Andrei Kachanov

Scene: Irina Titovets

Costumes: Irina Titovets

Light design: Anastasia Kuznetsova

Cast: Roman Boklanov, Roman Garayev, Irina Krivorukova, Marina Khomutova, Darya Levinger, Nikita Mischenko, Maksim Morozov, Ksenia Pavlova, Dmitrii Skryabin, Vladislav Tutak, Mikhail Kulishkinm Aleksei Egorov, Lidia Klirikova, Aliona Volkova, Oleg Pinzhov, Elizaveta Gordeeva, Stefania Zhuchenko, Choi Jung-Khung

This is the second production of the directing studio (2nd year of education) led by famous director, Head of the Bolshoi Puppet Theatre Ruslan Kudashov. Minotaurum is approaching the theme of anger. How it is manipulating us and what it is able to
transform us to? Minotaurum who is living in the heart of the crafty labyrinth is a malice, fury, envy and misfortune, which are collected day after day in the human heart and eventually turn into furious beast. Could we overcome it and will we be able to
make the right choice between destroying and salvation, rage and humility? Drama acting, hand plastique, shadow theatre, puppets, masks and video projections are combined in the production.

20:00 MDPOH – Poland – Dorota Maslowská – Honey, I Killed Our Cats

School: AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow/ Akademia Sztuk Teatralnych im. Stanisława Wyspiańskiego w Krakowie

Director: Rafal Dziwisz

Dramaturgy: Rafal Dziwisz

Music: Dawid Sulej Rudnicki

Scene: Barbabra Guzik

Light design: Ada Bystrzycka

Choreography: Katarzyna Anna Malachowska

Cast: Izabela Kubrak, Weronika Lukaszewska, Natalia Hodurek, Mateusz Paluch, Daniel Antoniewicz, Bartlomej Wiater, Dawid Sulej Rudnicki, Michal Pelker, Gregorz Bak

The play by the graduating students of the fourth year of the vocal-acting specialization of the Acting Department of Kraków Academy of Theatre Arts is a rather faithful adaption of Dorota Maslowska’s novel of the same title. Its action takes place in a fictional United States, a country of seemingly great opportunities, a fast-paced, modern lifestyle but also the collapse of all political, religious and spiritual values. As usual with Masłowska, language plays a key role: the piece is full off English-language word-play and above all an irony and wit that skewed at the absurdities of postmodern daily life. Rafat Dziwisz, directing the six young performers, adheres closely to this approach, bringing forth the melodic narrative rhythm of the original book. The performers are accompanied by a live and and there’s an element of vaudeville to the way they tell their stories of people lost in the big city, longing for intimacy and trying to find themselves- all conveyed primarily through grotesque anecdotes and language games.


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