14:00 Divadlo Lab – Czech Republic – Anthony Burgess: A Clockwork Orange

Name of school: JAMU Brno

Inscenation team

Director: Barbora Chovancová

Dramaturgy: Jakub Liška

Music: Eva Dobružská

Set/costume design: Magdaléna Paráčková

Lighting design:: Vojtěch Matulík, Barbora Jágrová, Luboš Zbranek

Choreography: Ondřej Jiráček, Adam Mašura

Cast: Barbora Bezáková, František Maňák, Karel Vondrášek, Klára Anna Satinská , Magdalena Straková , Mark Kristián Hochman,  Natalie Golovchenko, Pavel Šupina, Schovánková Petra, Princ Štěpán, Harangi Viktor, Spišák Jakub

 A story of one crook

“Do not you have every beech you want? When you need a car, you’ll tear it straight out of the tree. “A scuffle about how Alex was still a little bastard and how he’d been drinking with three friends in Korova and deciding what they would do that night. The life of full superpowers, the turning of elderlies and old good brushing. Oh god, how is this great, when a man is still young … Until it is good, my brothers, it is then too bad for him. So what, do you have a jerk to jump on the jargon of the events and hear what this bitch offers? – - – Let’s go!

(Production by Anthony Burges’s A Clockwork Orange,  Known by Stanley Kubrick’s Motion Picture).

20:00 Divadlo Lab – Slovakia – Bard Breien: The Art of Negative Thinking

Name of school: Vysoká škola múzických umení v Bratislave

Inscenation team

Director: Matúš Bachynec

Dramaturgy: Lucia Mihálová

Scene: Adela Hajduová

Costumes: Dáša Veselovská

Production: Hana Bodáková, Michaela Malková

Cast: Jakub Kuka, Ingrida Baginová, Andrej Remeník, Igor Schlosser, Nikolett Dékány, Mária Havranová, Miroslava Durná

The Art of Negative Thinking is a feature Norwegian film from 2006. The director and scriptwriter Bård Breien mixed the genre of the Scandinavian psychological drama about interpersonal relationships with a sarcastic black comedy.

One evening, a villa in the suburbs hosts a therapy for a group of handicapped people. The head of the group, therapist Tori, has to face a tough problem. A new member of the group Geirr is questioning her method of positive thinking, and the motivational session becomes an unprecedented party revealing all the hidden lies and omnipresent self-deceit.

The cruel psychological comedy parodies false positivism and points to the need for sincerity towards oneself in all circumstances. Bård Breien is really frank and with his merciless sarcasm he also touches what remains for many taboo. For his scriptwriting and directorial debut, he received the Prize for Direction at the Karlovy Vary Festival (2007) and the Czech Lion for the Best Film.


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