14:00 Malá Scéna STU – Italy - Fabio Omodei: Wood Prison 

School: Accademia Teatrale Di Roma

Inscenation team

Director: cooperation of students and the head teacher

Dramaturgy: students

Music: students and director

Scene: students

Costumes: students

Light design: students

Choreography: students

Wood Prison is a place without emotions, Wood Prison is a place where the Wood Skeletons are The Guardians. When a Human Beings wants to kill himself, immediately before doing this, the Human beings go in to the Wood Prison and they must choose: Become a Wooden Puppet or save themself. In wood prison there is no emotion, Emotions are only present in dreams, a place where you Hind the memory of the fables of the past. Fables have the task of reminding the emotions. A story that lives through the fable of a dream, A soulless world that is transformed … and destroys itself; but if the human being understands the most important subject of the Performance: “You Should have been happy just because of your breathing”. He can save and wants to go back.

17:00 Divadlo Lab – Armenia - William Shakespeare: Shakespearean Passions

School: Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography

Inscenation team

Réžia: N. Miqaelyan, M. Pivasyan, M. Karapetyan, N. Sargsyan

Music:  selected

Costumes: Yevgine Onanlan

Light design: Hr. Gasparyan

Perfmormes: Anush Hakobyan, Hayk Grigoryan, Armen Balabanyan, Aram Eghoyan, Pap Ispiryan, Tatev Vardanyan, Diana Ananyan, Vahe Grigoryan, Romela Sargsyan, Sofya Apresyan

“Shakespearean Passions” is a performance-transformer where not only ”Hamlet” transforms to ”King Lear”, but also ”Othello” to ”Richard III”. Within the performance the actors have transferred their acting energy, inner reflection and hidden pulse to the audience. The most interesting thing in this performance in esperanto is that different stage languages are used: from dramatic monologue to breakdance full of youth drive, from stage movement to the polyphonic singing оf а famous Armenia lullaby. From the unity of the seemingly incompatible fragments an esthetic spectacle with profound meaning and an ability to affect the audience emotionally has been performed.

The performance “Shakespearean Passions” starting with famous phrases from “Hamlet”  (“To be or not to be”, “O, Hamlet, speak no more…”, “Denmark is a prison” and others).  The performance is created in the form of metaphorical expression, telling a story of love and hatred, faithfulness and treachery, honesty and insidiousness. The emotions and feelings of the Shakespearean characters in this antagonistic battle turn into passion and become disastrous. The search for human values faces unexpected challenges.


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