Head jury

Patrice Pavis (France)

Patrice Pavis was previously Professor of Theatre Studies at Paris VIII University. In 1987, Pavis suggested a new theory regarding the translation of dramatic works. The idea of ‘verbo-corps’ has been described as “highly theoretical” and criticized for leaving “a gap between theory and translatory practice which cannot be closed”. The theory suggests a culture-specific union between language and gesture used subconsciously by every writer. Pavis suggested that the translator needed to be able to comprehend the union in the original and reconstruct it in the translation When director Peter Brook produced his collaboration of Mahābhāratawith Jean-Claude Carrière, Pavis criticized the adaptation of the Indian epic for promoting a cultural “Disney homogenization and uniformity” He has written extensively about performance, focusing his study and research mainly in semiology and interculturalism in theatre. He was awarded the Georges Jamati Prize in 1986.

Petr Christov (Czech Republic)

Since 2002, he has been devoted to pedagogical and professional activities in the field of theater theory, artistic criticism, French literature and theater and translation on academic field. In 2007-2017 he led the Department of Theater Science at the Charles University on Philosophical Faculty. Then he accepted the offer to become a member of the team of the new Dean of the FF UK, Michal Pullmann. Since February 2018, he has been appointed Vice-Dean for the “Inner” Relations and Admissions of the Prague FF UK. He gives lectures  about theatre at universities or conferences in France, Portugal, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Argentina, Turkey or Slovakia. Together with various national and foreign partners, he has been involved in the creation and implementation of a variety of international projects (symposia, conferences, workshops, festivals usually attended by French-speaking guests), including fundraising. He regularly works with French partners both in his university activities, but also in editorial, popularization and professional activities. From his journalistic practice and artistic cooperation with theater ensembles throughout the Czech Republic and abroad he has experience with the media environment, with the functioning of the media and book market and with PR. He is also actively interested in cultural and political events in the Czech Republic, as well as in the French background.

Martin Ondriska (Slovakia)

Martin Ondriska is a theatrologist with the addiction to visual and other arts. Since 1993 he is a teacher at the Academy of Performing Arts, Department of Directing and Dramaturgy, branch – analysis of the dramatic text and dramaturgy. He has got through Makarenkova Grammar school, also the position of assistant cameraman ŠKF Koliba. He has a master’s degree from the Academy of Performing Arts,he graduated with HUBRIS work (theatre which no one talks about). PhD thesis he completed with scientific studies about the work of Samuel Beckett. During his studies and also after that he was part of internships and realized himself on the “pilgrimages” in Vienna, Moscow, Back Petrovac, Cologne, Nottingham, Kuty, Dortmund, Skopje and Dublin. Currently he was lecture in London and Lisbon and he cooperates with the screenplays, creative projects (theatre, radio, opera and documentary films). He published a book about Beckett, dramatized Joyce’s Ulysses, writes short novels and poems. Co-founder of the theatre Hurbis, worked also with J. Vlk, T. Ciller, M. Piterka, J. Stoney, M. Poláková, R. Roth. In a recent collaboration with Marek Piaček they created and opera Lesť rozmyslu about the split of Czechoslovakia, the libretto to the opera 66 seasons according to the film by Peter Kerekes, an opera by Goethe- King of ghosts, inscenation Rain – and the jennet saw the angel according to the novel by Nick Cave, project Apollopera about bombarding Apollo refinery, the project Brief history of the Universe, radio drama novels by J. Joyce Ulysses, H. Melville- Moby Dick and many others.

Martin Ondriska (Slovenia)

Mojca Redjko is an expert in arts education, running a program for young audience in National Theatre Maribor. She studied languages and worked as a teacher for 20 years. In 1997 she established Theatre School, an innovative creative environment with flexible form of learning in the field of theatre art.  In 2003 she upgraded it with a production program Second Scene. Both NGO programs attracted students (15-25). In the years 2009-2016 she worked as an artistic and managing director of Puppet Theatre Maribor. In 2010 the theatre moved to renovated ex-monastery premises and started its reorganised seasons with great success: it shortly became one of well-known contemporary puppetry centres in Europe, it increased its popularity and professional acknowledgement by over 40 national and international awards. She often works as a program associate with festivals, seminars, and other events at the crossroads of theatre art and education.

Yael Biegon-Citron (Israel)

Yael Biegon-Citron is theatre director, dramaturg and writer, lives and works in Tel Aviv. Trained as a theatre director, Yael divides her time between working as Artistic director of Odessa-TLV (2017) , St.Petersburg night (2018) and other multi-disciplinary arts festivals, dramaturgy for leading Israeli Choreographers and Theatre makers, founder of White Club Israel and song writer for local and international musicians. She has enjoyed teaching teaching theatre and performance workshops in Israel and abroad since 2006, and is currently working on a new object- theatre show, premiering on 2019.

Students jury

Plamen Harmandijev (Bulgary)

Plamen Harmandjiev is a third-year Theater Studies and Theatre Management student at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has worked for numerous national and international theatre festivals back home. In may, 2017 in Sofia was the premiere of “HYSTER”, a performative piece in which he was involved as an assistant dramaturg. In November same year he worked as a performer for the Berlin-based company “SHE SHE POP” in their performance “Oratorio”, part of the ACT Festival in Sofia.

Vaiva Martišauskaité (Lithuania)

Vaiva Martišauskaitė is currently studying History and Criticism of Performing and Film Arts in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Apart from her interest in the theoretical fields of the arts, she is also working as a producer on various student film and theatre productions. In 2017 Vaiva has received prestigious Irena Vaišytė student scholarship for outstanding academic and arts’ management performance. She is a project manager and program developer for “Šoblė International Film Festival”, “Dramokratija” playwright festival and educational program coordinator for Skalvija Film Academy.

Samuel Chovanec (Slovakia)

Samuel Chovanec studies theatrical directing in the first master’s degree at VŠMU. He is mainly devoted to his own creations. He has written four theater plays, of which two have taken part in the New Drama Festival. He focuses mainly on exploring the formal component of communicating with the audience.

Tamta Tavdishvili (Georgia)

MA in Theatre  Directing from Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University. She holds a BA degree in theatre and film acting from the same University .

Her research interests lie in the area of the physical theater. She currently works as a teaching assistant of Stage movement at Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University and as an actress at Kakha Bakuradze’s Movement Theater, also she is playing a performances in a different Theaters of Tbilisi and Georgia.

In 2016 she was a member of Student Jury in “ISTROPOLITANA PROJECT”. In April she was a participant of  “SETKANI/ENCOUNTER” as a Student Jury .

Jan Janča (Slovakia)

Jan is a third year student of bachelor in Stage directing at Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (VŠMU). He´s got three productions in the school theatre´s repertoire as a director (L. Norén – About Love, D. Mamet – Sexual perversity in Chicago, W. Wolf – Nothing. And all the saints.). He started his theatre career as an actor in the Czech republic.


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