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Last but one day of festival will be czech-slovak celebration of theatre!  At 14:00 in Theatre Lab you can see Brno with inscenation A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. In the evening at 20:00 you can look forward to slovak The Art of Negative Thinking by Bard Breien. Today is also time for non-competitive performance. At  18:00 in Studio Kaplnka there is Béla Pinter: Children of the Demon. What do these inscenations offer?

“Do not you have every beech you want? When you need a car, you’ll tear it straight out of the tree. “A scuffle about how Alex was still a little bastard and how he’d been drinking with three friends in Korova and deciding what they would do that night. The life of full superpowers, the turning of elderlies and old good brushing. Oh god, how is this great, when a man is still young … Until it is good, my brothers, it is then too bad for him. So what, do you have a jerk to jump on the jargon of the events and hear what this bitch offers? – – – Let’s go! Production by Anthony Burges’s A Clockwork Orange,  Known by Stanley Kubrick’s Motion Picture.

The Art of Negative Thinking is a feature Norwegian film from 2006. The director and scriptwriter Bård Breien mixed the genre of the Scandinavian psychological drama about interpersonal relationships with a sarcastic black comedy. One evening, a villa in the suburbs hosts a therapy for a group of handicapped people. The head of the group, therapist Tori, has to face a tough problem. A new member of the group Geirr is questioning her method of positive thinking, and the motivational session becomes an unprecedented party revealing all the hidden lies and omnipresent self-deceit. The cruel psychological comedy parodies false positivism and points to the need for sincerity towards oneself in all circumstances. Bård Breien is really frank and with his merciless sarcasm he also touches what remains for many taboo. For his scriptwriting and directorial debut, he received the Prize for Direction at the Karlovy Vary Festival (2007) and the Czech Lion for the Best Film.

Family break-up have already been written in tons of theatre plays. Its malfunction was analyzed on each side. Where others end, Béla Pintér begins. In-depth philosophy pass others and immediately throws us into a situation of engagement in Hungaryjapan. Young Zoli can not wait wedding, but he does not know that a demonic mother lives in the house of his beloved Mónika. And that’s not all that Zoli does not know. Hungarian temperament mixes with Japanese aesthetics, the political views of both families meet and someone who does not expect it anymore falls in love.

After theatre, the day is not over yet. We will be happy to see you on a boat on a Danube where afterparties are held. Tanker Boat is in the middle between Bridge SNP and River Park. Today’s theme is Bashavel. We can guarantee you the wild night ahead!

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Three days have alredy spend and three more days are ahead us.

Slovenia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria Croatia, Germany, Czech Republic, Israel…This is the list of the countries which already proved their theatre talent on our lovely festival. Reactions are various. But that is the way it should be :) Theatre is about different opinions and emotions. Let’s see what the Head and Student jury think about it. Of course we care about your opinion as well. After every performance you can show your opinion by voting in the theatre. We are also collecting opinions of theatre critics from VŠMU. Their recensions of performances, interview or ideas you can find in our festival journal called Festník (find out more: http://bit.ly/FESTNÍK )


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Within the International festival of theatre schools Istropolitana Project we organise also afterparties, which are an integral part of this theatrical celebration, because it is great to celebrate theater with good music. Come to check what kind of programme we have prepared for you.

Afterparties take place daily from 22:00 until we have energy:) (04:00) at TANKER Boat, on the left bank of the Danube River.
We can perform anything.


8.6. p i a t o k/ F r i d a y |Opening party|
22:00 – 23:00_Dj Al Loudvoic
23:00 – 00:00_Vojdi
0:00 – 01:00_Bulp dj set
1:00 – 04:00_Dj Al Loudvoic

9.6. s o b o t a/ S a t u r d a y |Indie night|
22:00 – 01:00_SKB
1:00 – 04:00_Neostandt DJs

10.6. n e d e ľ a/S u n d ay |Chill out sunday|
22:00 – 23:00_VIX
23:00 – 00:00_The Forrest Jam
0:00 – 03:00_VIX

11.6. p o n d e l o k/M o n d a y |Slovak night|
22:00 – 23:00_Andrej + Michal
23:00 – 01:00_Voodoo Beats
2:00 – 04:00_Voodoo Beats

12.6. u t o r o k/T u e s d a y |Bashavel|
22:00 – 01:00_VIX
01:00 – 04:00_ DJ Jukebox

13.6. s t r e d a/W e d n e s d a y |Closing night|
22:00 – 23:00_Hypetrain
23:00 -00:00_Stopové prvky asfaltu
0:00 – 01:00_Hypetrain
1:00 – 04:00_Inkwall

Začiatok afterky /start of the afterparty 22:00
Koniec/ end 4:00

Otvorený denne od/ open daily from 17:00

Vstup/ Entrance
piatok/ Friday, sobota/ Saturday 4€
ostatné dni/ other days 3€
účastníci Istropolitana Projektu /participants of Istropolitana Project free entrance

Ďakujeme partnerom Heineken a St. Nicolaus – Borovička BOREC a Demänovka

Please note that the program is subject to change.

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